Atdec AWM-N Up to 18″ Laptop Tray, Black (AWM-N)


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Laptop tray accessory. Ventilated non-slip tray recommended for laptops up to 18″. Can be easily attached to the Atdec Modular arms listed below with a handsfree drop on VESA mechanism. AWM-N comes preloaded with a 2kg (4.4lb) counterweight. This counterweight ensures the minimum weight required to work with spring assisted dynamic arm AWM-ADTC is met.Use with Atdec Modular arms:- AWM-A13T short swing arm- AWM-A46T medium swing arm- AWM-A71T long swing arm- AWM-ADTC dynamic arm

Ventilated non-slip tray supports laptops up to 18″

Capacity 6kg (13.3lb) with pre-loaded counterweight, Counterweight is 2kg (4.4lb)

Durable composite plastic construction

Soft painted non-slip upper deck

10 year warranty

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