Atdec AWMS-3-13714 Triple Monitor Arms + 400mm Post / 12kg (26.5lb) Flat Screens, 10kg (22lb) Curved Screens + Bolt-Through Desk Fixing, Black (AWMS-3-13714-B-B)


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AWMS-3-13714 is a triple monitor combination on medium post. It holds three monitors in a single row with a very flexible cockpit. This is a popular solution in command & control. It is also popular with accounts, finance, and software engineers that prefer multiple screens on which to arrange applications. All monitors have fingertip pan, tilt, and landscape-to-portrait rotation. Vibration resistant and discretely robust, this solution adapts to multiple monitor configurations. The central monitor arm has higher capacity and many users opt for a large middle display flanked by portrait monitors.

Short swing arm at center: Flat monitors to 12kg (26.5lb), Curved monitors to 10kg (22lb)

Long swing arms at sides: Flat & curved monitors to 9kg (20lb) each

Smooth fingertip motion in all dimensions

Modular, adaptable, and upgradable

Recycled & recyclable materials

Highly ergonomic solution for health conscious workplaces

10 year warranty

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