NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada, 48GB, GDDR6 384-bit, 960 GB/s, PCIe Gen4 x16 , Dual Slot, 300W, Ada Lovelace, 3YR Warranty (900-5G133-2550-000)


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NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada is Powered by the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture Designed to deliver outstanding gaming and creating, professional graphics, AI, and compute performance. It has a Dual slot card featuring 48 GB of DDR6 memory and a 300W maximum power limit. NVIDIA RTX 6000 supports x16 PCIe 4.0 connectivity. The RTX 6000 combines 142 thirdgeneration RT Cores, 568 fourth-generation Tensor Cores, and 18,176 CUDA cores with 48GB of error correction code (ECC) graphics memory. This all helps deliver the next generation of AI graphics and petaflop inferencing performance for unprecedented speed-up in rendering, Al, graphics, and compute workloads.

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