Atdec AWMS-2-D13 Dual 690mm Dynamic Monitor Arms + 135mm Post / 8kg Flat and Curved Screens + F Clamp Desk Fixing, Black (AWMS-2-D13-F-B)


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This desk mount has two dynamic arms attached to a small post. Each arm has smooth fingertip horizontal and vertical movement, plus tilt, pan, and rotation of monitors landscape-to-portrait. The monitor arms are spring-assisted and can be installed in any of the four post channels, and additional monitor arms can be added later. The spring-assisted arm design provides excellent ergonomic support and display adjustment from a seated position. Perfect for activity based workplaces, sit-to-stand workstations, and shared environments.

Suits most popular monitors, to 8kg (17.6lb) curved & flat 35″

Generous concealed cable management

Handsfree drop-on monitor VESA

Smooth fingertip adjustments

Light, durable, & recyclable materials

Upgradable & reconfigurable

10 year warranty

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Weight8.201 kg