RAM Lift Truck Overhead Guard Base (RAM-335)


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Sometimes the simplest solution makes the most sense. The new RAM Lift Truck Back-Up Mounting Plate is the ideal way to get a RAM ball attached to most any lift cage or overhead guard. Utilizing two identical plates of stamped steel with numerous common hole patterns and slots makes attachment a breeze. Three popular ball sizes: 1.5″, 2.25 & 3.68″ diameter may be attached to this plate system. Up to 2 balls may be attached to the same plate for multiple applications.

(4) 3/8″-16 x 4″ Zinc Hex Bolts(4) 3/8″-16 Zinc Hex Nuts(4) 3/8″ Zinc Lock Washers(8) 3/8″ Zinc Flat Washers(4) 5/16″-18 x 1″ Hex Bolts(4) 5/16″-18 Zinc Hex Nuts(4) 5/16″ Zinc Lock Washers

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