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PowerShield offers MBS (Maintenance Bypass Switch) solutions for all types of UPS applications. A correctly designed MBS enables a technician to perform maintenance on a UPS at any time, without interruption to normal business operations with no need to shut down your critical electrical load. While in the “Bypass” position the UPS will still receive power from the mains (or alternative power source) so that the technician can perform maintenance procedures, without interruption to the load.

No downtime. Routine maintenance can be

performed at any hour

A PDU (Power Distribution Unit) with 7

outlets for distribution to your load

Rackmount – MBS can be mounted both horizontally

or vertically (ORU) into a rack

Wallmount option, vertically or horizontally

UPS Mountable. Designed to attach to PowerShield

Centurion RT and Commander RT ranges.

Suitable for all UPS topologies including offline,

line interactive and true online double conversion

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