PowerShield PSNSPDU8S Navigator Smart PDU with Automatic Voltage Regulation, 1U Form Factor, 2 Year Advanced Replacement Warranty (PSNSPDU8S)


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The PowerShield Navigator Managed PDU is an internet ready device designed to allow administrators to remotely and individually control the AC power for up to eight connected devices such as servers, routers, modems and telephone networks. Moreover, the user is able to pre-configure to turn on/off specific outlets when an event occurs.

Monitor individual outlets for AMPs, KWH, Watts and Volts

Communicates with PowerShield UPS network via the PSSNMP

Programable sockets all for remote rebooting up to eight devices individually or in sequence

Informative LCD provides Voltage, Current, Watts Hours and Watts

Slim 1 RU for horizontal mounting

Manual Switching of Individual sockets

Environmental Monitoring option

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