Powershield PSMBUS Modbus to Communicate with Building Management Systems, Provides Monitoring and Control via RS485 Port, 1 Year Warranty (PSMBUS)


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While PowerShield UPSs do their job of holding up critical electronic equipment, behind the scenes, PowerShield proprietary software and management cards are there to manage and record critical power events, so that managers can be aware and informed of problems in real time. The Communications cards and devices, together with the software solutions allow for automatic graceful shutdown of programs and devices in the event power outages last longer than their nominated time.

The PowerShield Modbus Card (PSMbus) facilitates UPS communication with industrial and building management systems using the Modbus RTU Protocol.

PSMbus card provides real time monitoring and control of multiple UPS via the RS485 communications port.

Implements MODBUS RTU protocol

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