PowerShield PSCEBB12 Extended Battery Module for PSCE2000 & PSCE3000 UPS, 2 Year Advanced Replacement Warranty (PSCEBB12)


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Unlimited numbers of batteries banks can be added to the UPS units however it is recommended to add a Battery Bank that has an internal charger (PSCEBB18CH or PSCEBB60CH) if large battery banks are added and fast charging is required. Usually these should be added as the second, third or fourth battery bank depending on your requirements. When these battery banks with chargers are added, it is possible to substantially increase the number of regular battery banks. The following battery banks have built-in chargers. These also have more batteries than regular battery banks. PSCEBB18CH – Suits 2k & 3K, PSCEBB60CH – Suits 6k & 10K

Battery Type: 12 Volt, 9 Amp Hours Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM)

Number of internal batteries per Chassis: 12

Charger: From UPS

Daisy chain additional battery modules for longer battery run times

Consult the PowerShield UPS Sizing Guide for battery times

For Technical Help please contact PowerShield on 1300 305 393

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