Powershield Network Switched PDU with 21 x 10A & 3 x16A IEC outputs 16A Input plug (RPSW-16A24)


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The Dynamix range of PDUs contain product solutions from simple connectivity through to fully featured PDUs with load alarm metering and individual outlet control via a network interface.Switched PDU has a built-in network interface which allows an administrator to access the PDU from a remote terminal and interface with it to turn on or off outlets and control load by web and SNMP. This can be helpful if a remote machine has gone into an unresponsive state and cannot be restarted though normal means. An administrator can connect to the PDU that the machine is plugged into in order to power cycle the machine.

Current meter – digital true RMS current meter

Power monitor – remote total power monitoring by meter, web, SNMP, free bundle software

Protocols – Http, Https, SNMP, DHCP, UDP

Outlet control – Individual outlet control

Power Delay – Power On/Off sequence can be defined

Alarm thresholds – User-defined alarm thresholds for warning and overload

Event alert – e-mail, trap, audible alarm

3m input power cord included

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