PowerShield AS400T Internal Relay Communication Card with Terminal Connector, 2 Year Warranty (PSAS400T)


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The PowerShield PSAS400 Relay card provides VFC- Volt Free Contact dry relays that change state upon UPS events. This type of card is often used when current loop communications are required for devices such as, BMS- Building Management Systems, Access Control alarm panels or industrial PLCs. The events that can be detected are, Mains Failure & Restore, Battery Normal or Battery Low and UPS Summary Alarm.

The PSAS400 communication card provides contact closures for remote monitoring of your UPS.

To meet different application requirements the PSAS400 card is capable of selecting the status of the dry-contact signal (active close or active open) by setting jumper.

Suitable applications for IBM Server, Personal PC & Workstations equipment

Auto-controlled industrial equipment & communication applications

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