D-Link DAP-1820 EXO AC2000 Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Range Extender (DAP-1820)


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The DAP-1820 AC2000 Wi-Fi Range Extender is a portable plug-in repeater that lets you extend an existing wireless network. You can place it anywhere in your home to increase the range of your wireless network. Tiny yet powerful, it supports Wireless AC speeds of up to 2000 Mbps, yet fits in the palm of your hand. Increase the coverage of your home Wireless AC network with the sleek and easy-to-use DAP-1820 AC2000 Wi-Fi Range Extender. Dual-band technology helps reduce interference from nearby wireless transmitters in the home, and also provides backward compatibility witholder wireless devices, allowing you to enjoy a blazing-fast, reliable wireless connection.

High-speed AC2000 wireless connectivity to devices

Greater flexibility and reduced interference

Handles high-bandwidth network traffic on multiple devices at the same time

Connect to a compatible D-Link EXO Router to create a mesh Wi-Fi network

External antennas for maximum range

Smart Signal Strength LEDs guide you to the optimum position the house

Secure Wireless Encryption offers WPA or WPA2 security

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