BenQ InstaShow VS20 Wireless Presentation System (VS20)


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InstaShow Wireless Presentation System. VS20 integrates with button microphone, 4K transmission, and InstaShow’s router-level chipset for effective collaboration and absolute information security. Ideal for medium to large-size rooms, VS20 facilitates hybrid meetings with affordable efficiency. VS20 features driver-free plug & play (like all the other InstaShow products) but comes with an in-built microphone on the button kit which can be used for video conferencing. VS20 is the only WPS in the market that’s got a in-built microphone on the button kit. The key USPs of VS20 are as follows.

Driver free plug & play wireless presentation system

Instashow button microphone for video conferencing which can act as a wireless extendable microphone system

Additional 2 USB ports (USB 3.0) to connect room cameras

Native 4K image quality transmission

Auto channel selection using Clear Channel Assessment (CCA)

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