Atdec AWMS-HX40 597mm Dynamic Arm + 400mm Post / 6-14kg (13lb-31lb) Flat Screen, 6-12kg (13lb-26.5lb) Curved Screen + Grommet Clamp Desk Fixing, Black (AWMS-HX40-G-B)


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The AWMS-HX40 is a heavy duty monitor arm attached to a 400mm post. Its spring-assisted design with three points of articulation enables effortless adjustment from a seated position even for heavy displays. It supports 6kg to 14kg for flat monitors, or to 12kg for curved monitors (13lb to 31lb flat, 26.5lb curved). This is a strong mount for curved, large, and all-in-one PC displays.

Monitor capacity per display: Flat 6kg to 14kg (13lb to 31lb), Curved 6kg to 12kg (13lb to 26.5lb)

Arm reach range: Horizontal: 597mm (23.5″), Vertical: 342mm (13.5″)

Advanced cable management

Modular, adaptable & upgradeable design

Durable aluminum construction that can be recycled at end of life

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