Atdec AWMS-2-D40 Dual 690mm Dynamic Monitor Arms + 400mm Post / 8kg (17.6lb) Flat and Curved Screens + Heavy-Duty F Clamp Desk Fixing, Black (AWMS-2-D40-H-B)


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AWMS-2-D40 is a combination of two dynamic monitor arms attached to Atdec’s medium post. The post provides greater flexibility in arm positioning and future upgrades.

Dual monitors to approx. 27″

Independent positioning of each monitor

Strong flexibility in monitor height

Upgrade versatility

Suits most popular monitors to: 20lb (9kg) flat displays or 13.5lb (6kg) curved displays

Generous concealed cable management

Quick display release

Tool-free adjustments

Light, durable, & recyclable aluminum construction

Upgradable & reconfigurable

10 year warranty

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Weight9.001 kg