Atdec AWM-P40X Stackable 400mm (15.75″) post (AWM-P40X-S)


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AWM-P40X is a stackable post that enables the backbone of AWM family solutions to be extended to double length, and reduced to single post length, without disassembling the solution and replacing parts. AWM-P40X is a specialised version of AWM-P40G. The AWM-P40X post is 400mm (15.75″) and supports virtually unlimited configurations of monitors in a single layer. A second AWM-P40X can be attached to the original post without disassembly or removal. The reverse from two stacked AWM-P40X posts to a single post without complete disassembly is also possible. The two posts connect with an AWM-X40 adaptor (required).


Faster team moves

Minimising environmental impact

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